6.2m Mast for Mobile Lighting Tower
Category: Standard Lighting Masts  Publish Time: 2012-12-08 16:52 

6.2m Mast for Mobile Lighting Tower
6.2m pneumatic masts for mobile lighting tower

internal cables 4x1.5 sq.mm + 2x 2.0 sq.mm cable

6.2m Pneumatic Telescopic Masts for Mobile Lighting Tower

1>Extended Height: 6.2m

2> Retracted Height: 2.65m

3> Head Load Duty: 100kgs Maximum

4> Internal cables: 4x1.5 sq.mm + 2x2.0 sq.mm

5> Collar Style: Standard Collar

6> Number of Sections: 3 sections

7> Section Tube O.D.: 82mm~118mm

8> Section Tube Thickness: 4mm, 4mm, 4mm

9> About 2 mins the mast will be extended fully

10> 20m/s wind resistance

Suitable for mount 4x 1000W metal halide lamps

Mast Weight: 40kgs

Packing: one unit per wooden box ( 280cmL * 23cmW * 30cmH), Gross Weight 60kgs

6.2m masts for lighting-top6.2m masts for lighting-base